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    Action From Avedon Delivers The Best

    Integrity, honesty, dependability and persistence are the cornerstones on which Renée Avedon has built her real estate business. An eye for detail, an approachable personality, and a fierce determination to get her clients what they want characterize each of Renée’s transactions.

    Renée came to real estate after a very successful retail clothing career. She managed the prestigious Maxfield’s on Melrose while attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. When she opened her own shop, Avedon’s on Canon, it became very successful.

    Renée married her high school sweetheart and when their two children were born, raising them became her top priority. After the son and daughter became old enough to not need her full time, she decided to pursue a new career that would allow her to indulge her love of houses and people. Her passion fueled her choice and in just her first year in the business she achieved sales of over $10 million.

    She involves her children when she regularly raises funds for her favorite charity, People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), and for other causes.

    “I believe it’s important for us to teach children how lucky they are to live in a nice home and have so much,” says Renée, “and I do that by exposing them to organizations helping people who have very little.”

    People respond to her genuine enthusiasm and interest in them and what they want to accomplish in their real estate search. She utilizes every traditional marketing method and also incorporates today’s new technology to assist sellers and buyers alike. She takes pride in holding memorable open houses for sellers that attract many potential buyers, and leaves no stone unturned to find just the right property for buying clients.

    Let Renée Avedon help you achieve your real estate goals. When she makes a commitment to you, you can be sure that you have the very best.